Abbreviations of Crochet

On this page all abbreviations used in the Course of Crochet are explained.

You will find tables about stitches and abbreviations in English to read the explanations correctly without difficulty.

It is very important to learn them because without it we could not properly understand explanations of patterns.

Studying them will help you follow the instructions and do not stop when you encounter an abbreviation.

Abbreviations that appear in this course of crochet:

Cm/in Centimeters/inches st. Stitch
dec. Decrease ch. Chain Stitch
inc. Increase s.t. Slip Stitch
r. Row s.c. Simple Crochet
Yo. Yarn Over h.d.c. Half Double Crochet
Lp. Loop d.c. Double Crochet
Pat. .
t.r. Treble Crochet
Right Double Treble Crochet
Sq. Mesh Square Mesh Stitch