White bag in crochet

65 grams cotton yarn white, light blue remains. 500 mm x 300 mm light blue fabric for the lining of the bag.
1 zipper 200 mm long. Sequins; steel needle No. 0.

Chain Stitch, Slip stitch, Simple Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double crochet, Treble Crochet



66 ch and then, work with fantasy stitch (graph). At 250 mm high, cut the thread and finish. work another part in like manner.


Cut 10 strands 3 times the desired length, do they turn on each other and taking them in half, allowing twisting them.


Sew the sides and bottom with s.t.

Fix the strip at the edges, sewing them to the bag.

Place the lining, sewing it only at the top.

Place the zipper.

Place 4 flowers crocheted according to graphic flower.

Decorate with sequins as the photo shows.

mm: millimeters
No: number
ch: chain stitch
s.t.: slip stitch
s.c.: simple crochet
h.d.c.: half double crochet
d.c.: double crochet
t.r.: treble crochet