Bag with pocket in Crochet

100 grams cotton yarn, steel needle No. 000.

Chain Stitch, Double crochet, Fan Stitch (1°r: s.c. 2°r: *1 s.t stung on 1° s.c., skip s.c., 5 d.c stung on next s.c., skip s.c.* repeat) Zigzag Stitch (see graph)

1 ch of 250 mm and work them all with s.c. At 470 mm high full, cut the thread and finish. Double the work in half and sew side seams. the edge of opening: *1 d.c., 1 Stitch into the air, skip 1 stitch* rep. from * to * Work the side and bottom with 1 row of fan stitch. For the pocket, work a chain of 135 mm and work it with d.c. At 80 mm high full, cut the thread and finish. For strip: work 980 mm aprox with zigzag stitch.

Place the strip. Place the pocket to the desired height, work around it a row in stocking fan. Place 3 buttons on the pocket. work a cord 740 mm long and place it.

mm: millimeters
Ch: chain stitch
Rep.: repeat
R: row
s.t: slip stitch
s.c: simple crochet
d.c: double crochet