How to crochet a spiral scarf

1350 mm x 120 mm

150 Grams semi thick wool with lurex fantasy, aluminum needle No. 5.5.

Chain Stitch, Half Double Crochet, Double crochet, Treble Crochet, Double Treble Crochet


145 ch and work like this:

1°r: skip 3 ch and 1 h.d.c stung on each next ch

2°r: 3 ch and 2 d.c. stung on each next h.d.c

3°r: 4 ch and *1 t.r. stung on next d.c., 2 t.r. stung on next d.c.* rep. from * to * across all the r.

4°r: 5 ch and *2 d.t.r. stung on next 2 t.r., 2 d.t.r. stung on next t.r.* rep. from * to * across all the r.

mm: millimeters
Rep: repeat
r.: row
ch: chain stitch
h.d.c: half double crochet
d.c.: double crochet
t.r.: treble crochet
d.t.r: double treble crochet