Crochet baby bib

Crochet baby bib, a very charming detail that all will look. A simple and inexpensive but unique gift.


1 month old


40 grams yellow cotton yarn. 2 little flowers to decorate. Steel needle No. 00


Chain Stitch, Simple Crochet, Double Crochet, Fantasy Stitch (see graph)


Crochet 76 ch and crochet with fantasy stitch. At 180 mm high, decrease like this: 3 stitches, 1 stitch, 3 stitches, 1 stitch and 3 stitches on each r. At 200 mm high, decrease 50 central mm once and the inner side 1 stitch in all r. At 230 mm high full, cut the thread and finish.


Crochet the edges with 2 r. of s.c. Crochet on each ends a cord of 160 mm long for knotting Place in the bottom fringes of 20 mm long.

See the secret to make fringes.

Place 2 little flowers as the photo shows.

No.: number
rep.: repeat
r.: row
ch: chain stitch
t.r.: treble crochet
s.c.: simple crochet
d.c.: double crochet