Before Starting The Work of Crochet

Watch out!!! Do not forget about the orientation sample.

Before beginning work, it is essential to do an indicative sample to eliminate surprises. Make a sample of chosen main stitch of a size of 120 mm x 120 mm. Let to rest for a day with a damp cloth.

Then cut a template 100mm x 100mm. Place the template on the sample, it will be easier to count the points and rows, obtaining e.g. .: 25 p. x 20 h .. If your sample is smaller than that indicated by the model, is to use a thicker needles. Conversely, if the sample is larger, you will have to work with thinner needles. The important thing is to use the indicated yarn or one that matches the composition.

Then see the measure table; if it has a difference with the garment to make, it is advisable to give the slack necessary.

Suggested mm

Pullover of baby 20 mm
Pullover of boy 40 mm
Pullover of woman 60 mm
Pullover of man 60 mm

You must take your measurements or measurements of people to which you will weave the garment and then make the following calculations (For better orientation, I show you taking as an example a 46-waisted lady with a contour 960 mm) , you must add slack Cm according to each model and then dividing X2.


960 mm + 60 mm (slack) = 1020 mm

1020 mm / 2 = 510 mm

We obtain 510 mm for the front and 510 mm for the back. Finally we will proceed to do the following simple rule of three:

  No. of st. x Contour mm       25 p. x 510 mm

-------------------------------- = ----------------------- = 127 st.

                  100                             100

Consequently, you must place 127 st. for the front and 127 st. for the back.