How To Crochet And Change Color

How to crochet and change color in the middle of a row?
It is not so difficult to do and it is not necessary to cut the thread.
To change color before the end of a row must leave the thread of the first color are weaving before the end of the stitch and the last pull with the new color, ending stitch.

Then continue croheting with the new color. We must be careful that the remaining strand of the new color is hidden between points, crossing points between the weave on the upper edge of the row.

When we weave around, we change color likewise but ending the row and closing with a slip stitch. In addition I advise when work in the round with two or more colors do not spiral shaped, but do it in a traditional way for unions not notice and was the perfect tissue.

Crocheting with more than one color is to weave playing with colors and make work a nice, different and fun project.