Beret with visor

7 years old

70 grams of fine summer cashmilon used double, eva foam (for visor), aluminum crochet needle No.3 1/2.

Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet on relief


Crochet 4 ch. and close round with 1 s.t. Crochet inside ring following graph. After 5°r, increasing as the latter until a diameter of 230 mm.

1°r: crochet without increases or decreases
2° to 6°r.: decrease 1 stitch after every d.c. on relief
7° and 8°r: crochet without increases or decreases
9° to 11°r: crochet without increases or decreases crocheting with h.d.c. Cut the thread and finish

Cut the eva foam in crescent shaped into the desired size to make the visor.
Crochet in front zone of the wing 32 h.d.c to the visor and then, continue crocheting like this:
Decrease on each side every r. 1 s.t., 1 s.c. at the beginning and 1 s.c., 1 s.t. at the end until cover all the eva foam visor.

Insert the eva foam visor into the two parts crocheted and then close with a row of s.c. all around both (the visor and the beret), so that it looks well finished.

No: number
mm: milimeters
r.: row
ch: chain stitch
s.t.: simple crochet
s.c.: simple crochet
h.d.c: half double crochet