Slippers for boy

12 1/2

65 grams silk wool, aluminum needle No. 3 1/2.

Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Crab Stitch Link


Work 170 mm = 17 ch and crochet with s.c. At the end of the r., crochet 3 s.c. and then, crochet on the other side of chain base. On last ch., crochet 3 s.c. and close with 1 s.t. (close all r. with 1 s.t.) 2°, 3° and 4° r.: crochet with s.c. Crochet always 3 s.c. stung on central stitch. 5° to 8°r: crochet with s.c. Increase 3 stitches distributed at each end. Then, continue crocheting without increases like this:

1°r: s.c.

2°r: h.d.c in relief

3°r: h.d.c cut the thread and finish.

Now work the upper, choosing one of the ends. Crochet 11 h.d.c and work them into rows back and laps for 9 r., taking them on the sides with s.t. Once crocheted the upper, crocheting all around as follows:

1°r: d.c. decreasing 1 d.c. every 10 d.c.

2°r: h.d.c on relief behind

3°r: d.c., decreasing 1 d.c every 10 d.c.

4°r: crab stitch

No: number
r.: row
ch: chain stitch
s.t.: slip stitch
s.c: simple crochet
h.d.c: half double crochet
d.c: double crochet