How to make a Christmas crown in crochet

Crown for a special Christmas to hang on the door of our sweet home.

Made in crochet tissue and decorative accessories.

It is very easy and quick to crocheting.

Fashion Crochet wishes you Happy Holidays!


50 grams Of seated wool No. 3/5, laces, star-shaped sequins, 450 mm of plastic whale tape, packing tape, aluminum crochet needle No. 3,5 mm.


Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Doble Crochet, Picot Stitch


Form with plastic tape whale a ring of 13 cm in diameter holding it with packing tape.

Crochet round this ring with s.c

1°r: crochet with d.c.

2°r: crochet *1 d.c, 1 ch* rep from * to * across all the r.

3°r: crochet * s.c. stung on 1 ch, 7 ch, skip 2 ch.* rep. from * to * across all the r.

4°r: crochet 3 d.c on each arc of 7 ch, separated by 3 ch.

5°r: crochet 1 s.c. on each d.c. and 2 s.c. on eahc arc of 3 ch.

6°r: crochet 1 d.c. on each s.c.

7°r: crochet *1 s.c. stung on 1 s.c, skip 2 ch, crochet 1 fan of 3 d.c., 1 picot and 3 d.c., skip 2 s.c.* rep. fro * to * across all the r.

Close all the r. with 1 s.t.

In the last r., crochet 20 ch at the end to be able to hang the crown on the door.


Place the trimmings, the pearls, the sequins.

Ch: chain stitch
R: row
Rep: Repeat
s.t: slip stitch
s.c.: simple crochet
d.c: double crochet