Photo exhibition of Ana María Chavez

From Mexico -. Celaya Guanajuato, Ana Maria Chavez shows four different designs in crochet potholders.

Ana was crocheting in a circle to the desired diameter with the following technique explained: Secrets No. 26

To hang crocheted 9 chains, she jumped 4 stitches and work the next stitch 1 slip stitch. She turned and wove 9 simple crochet stung on each 9 chains worked. Finally, she crocheted 1 slip stitch and 1 chain stitch.

To crochet these practical and inevitable essential accessories at home are required the following materials: Approximately 20 grams of thread or yarn brand "Gatto" and a needle or hook No. 3.

These practical crochet patterns are unique and unrepeatable, because although the base is crocheted in the same way, the decor is not, and Ana was taking both colors interspersing according to the inspiration that will be happening at the time, by imagination from different frames in each of them.

Congratulations, Ana, for your beautiful home work!