Photo exhibition of Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez lives in Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires. In those days of the World Cup, he went to Córdoba (province of Argentina) and Uruguayan guy asked if he could crocheted a thermal covers. She said: I would try! to see what happens.


He gave her wool but not the step, so do not know the grams used (but must be about 100 grams more or less scattered in different colors). He used to work this beautiful a crochet accessory a crochet needle No. 3.


She work in single crochet a circle of the diameter of thermos and then work around all without increase or decrease in double crochet, making the design of the flag of Uruguay. She sewed until the handle, leaving it outside and continued sewing until the neck of the thermo. Finally he placed a strand of wool or it can also be flexible to adjust.

The sun was painted with acrylic.

She expected that you understand her explanation and crochet many covers thermos with personal touches.


Congratulations, Mayra Beltran!