Photo exhibition of Ana Maria Vergara

Ana Maria Vergara from Santa Fe - Argentina shows her works made in crochet.
It is a vest crocheted with her own design.

The bodice is work in single crocheted; doing at the neckline, a stitch popcorn every two rows. Then she crocheted a fantasy stitch on fan form, crocheted from the bodice to down.

On the edge of the sleeves, it is made in Square Mesh Stitch, which is crocheted as follows:

1°r: 1 s.c., 3 ch, 1 s.c.

2° r: knit in the middle of arc of 3 ch: 1 s.c, 3 ch, repeating them across all the row.

Repeat always 2° r.

Once finalized the pledge, this was decorated with ribbon drinks especially the edge of the bodice and neckline. Finally he placed a button at the end of the neckline of the same color yarn.

The second design is a beautiful multicolored blanket, made from granny squares, joined together.

Granny square used: Motive 6

Congratulations, Ana Maria, for your works!