Photo exhibition Liliana Bravo

Liliana Bravo from Buenos Aires - Argentina shows us two designs of crocheted cushions. Super delicate patterns to decorate the bed with handcrafted detail.

Design: pink cushion

The pink cushion is crocheted with cotton thread using simple crochet and Square Mesh Stitch to form the special frame of hearts. It is work according to the chart width and repeating above the first row of hearts.

Its termination is simple, crochet with one row of double crochet, but you can add one of the following picots: Collection Picots

Design: white cushion

The white cushion is crocheted with macrame thread using Granny squares, beautiful and delicate. As you can see, they are made of very neatly shape and they deserve to be exposed for all to look at how beautiful it is crocheting and sewing works like these. Some essential accessories at home.

Congratulations, Liliana!