Photo exhibition Natalia Cacinelli

From Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires, Argentina Natalia Cassinelli shows us the picture of colorful and cute blanket that she crocheted.

She performed it with squares grannys

How to do it:

Crocheting 10 ch. and close round. Then 15 d.c. around the ring and close with 1 s.t. 3 ch and work 1 d.c. stung on same ch. *2 d.c. stung on next ch, 2 ch, 2 d.c. stung on next ch.* rep. from * to * until you complete the r. and close it with 1 s.t.

Work 3 ch and 3 d.c. stung on same ch. work on ch. 1 ch. and continue crocheting 3 d.c. until complete the r. Close it with 1 s.t. At least, finish it with 1 r. crocheting with s.c. all around

Crocheting 77 granny squares and then, join each other. You can use following techniques: Secret 10

When you finish join all grannies, a few rows should be crocheting all around with double crochet.