Photo exhibition, Nelys Bravo de Angel

From Venezuela, Angel Bravo Nelys exposes us the design of dress she crocheted to her granddaughter. A beautiful garment in crochet tissue made with love.

Explained embodiment by the author:

Size: 3 years

Materials: three skeins of yarn of 100 grams each one, crochet needle n° 2.

The dress was crocheted considering the wide shoulder of the girl. She made chain stitches and then double crochet to form a shell: 2 d.c, 1 ch, 2 d.c.

The skirt is crocheted like the other: 3 d.c, 2 ch, 3 d.c. On each d.c., you will crochet 3 ch and then, in next row, you will work double crochet across all of it to highlight the previous stitches.

Repeat until you have the desired length.

Congratulations, Nelys!