Photo exhibition, Abril Zavaleta

Crocheted tablecloth

This tablecloth need a square of fabric. It begins by crocheting therearound, and depends on the size of the square.

1°r: *crochet 1 d.c., 2 ch* rep. all around of the square

For each flower we will need 17 squares, I work 4 flowers at the beginning, so there are 84 squares in total. They can count their total squares recalling that the flower needs 17 squares, I did this 17X4 = 68 the rest is divided into the edge and separations. Each flower is separated by 4 squares. I started with 2 squares and finish with 2 equal squares. Each square is crocheted *1 d.c., 2 ch* Pictured in the foreground you can better appreciate the detail of the stitch.

Doll dress

It starts with the first color from the neck. crocheted a long chain to tie it after, folded in half and begins to crochet one stitch, I cannot say how many stitches because it depends on the doll you choose. I started with 4 stitches and increase to cover their small breasts. Then continue with white thread.

From an edge make a chain that covers the back of the doll and returns with s.c. but be careful because this has to be open ... if you go this way, crocheting up to the hip of the doll. From then on, you will make a 14 d.c. and two chains of separation. Then you raise a d.c. and you're going to crochet 2 d.c. at every passing batten and then close it. We leave it open so that it fits the dress. Already closed, we will continue doing crocheting increases till have 70 d.c. Increases can go along the dress, do not render them all together ... because along the dress begins olan.

We have 70 d.c in total. Now we must crocheted 5 d.c and 3 ch., 5 d.c., 3 ch. repeating this until finish. Then, for the other row you have to top 1 d.c. and where we have the 3 ch., we crocheted 3 d.c, 3 ch., 3 d.c and continued, d.c above each d.c... and where we have the 3 chains! repeat 3d.c, 3 ch. and 3 d.c. So we continue till desired length.

To accommodate the dress: one peak up, one down ... you can stick with glue or sew with a needle and thread. They put the dress on the doll and sewing it closed. The details depends on the imagination.

Congratulations Abril!