Halloween crochet pumpkin


Remains of semi coarse wool. needed to fill (cotton wadding or leftover plastic bags) Material; 2 black sequins; glue; aluminum crochet needle No. 3 1/2.


100 mm x 100 mm


Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Treble Crochet



Work with orange thread 22 ch.

1°r: 1 ch, 4 s.c., 4 h.d.c, 6 d.c, 4 h.d.c, 4 s.c

2°r: same as 1°r. but stung behind of ch.

3°r: same as 1°r.


Work with brown thread a ring and inside:

1°r: 6 s.c.

2°r: 1 s.c. and 1 inc. = 9 s.c

3°r to 7°r: 1 s.c. stung on each stitches = 9 s.c

8°r: 1 s.c. and 1 dec. = 8 s.c

Cut the loop and finish. Now fill the stem.


Work with green thread:

From the stem stung a stitch and *7 ch and 1 s.c. stung on 2° ch. 2 h.d.c stung on next 2 ch, 2 d.c. stung on next 2 ch and 2 t.r. stung on next 2 ch. Skip 1 stitch and 1 s.t. on next stitch* rep. from * to * 3 times = 4 leaves.


Sew the head join 1°r. with 20°r. Then sew one end, frowning. Then fill the body of the pumpkin. And sew the other end. Sew the stem and leaves in the center of one end of the pumpkin. Paste sequins simulating eyes. With black yarn, embroider mouth as shown in picture.

mm: millimeters
Ch: chain stitch
Rep.: repeat
R: row
s.t: slip stitch
s.c: simple crochet
h.d.c: half double crochet
d.c: double crochet
t.r: treble crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease

Video Halloween pumpkin