How to crochet heart No. 2

Mini Heart ideal for decorating made in crochet
They are very simple to make and especially fast.
Do not stop crocheting these wonders so romantic.


30 mm x 30 mm approx.


Remains of cotton yarn n° 8/3 or macramé, crochet needle of steel No. 0000.


Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Double Crochet


1° r: crochet 6 ch and crochet 1 s.c. stung on 2° ch. crochet 4 s.c. stung on next 4 ch. Turn work 2° r: crochet 1 ch, 5 s.c stung on next 5 s.c. Turn work
3°, 4° & 5° r: crochet as in 2° r.


*crochet 1 ch, skip 2 s.c, crochet 5 d.c. stung on next s.c. crochet 1 ch, skip 1 s.c, crochet 1 s.t stung on next s.c* Rep from * to * 1 time on next side. Cut and finish.

mm: Millimeters
N°: Number
R: row
Ch: Chain stitch
s.t: Slip Stitch
s.c: Simple Crochet
d.c: Double Crochet