How to Crocheting Buttons

The hand-crocheted buttons can be crocheting with any yarn or wool and may even embroider. There are several ways to crocheted buttons, here we show you a very easy and simple that even beginners can crocheted.

With these handmade buttons made by our own hands we can decorate clothes or give a handmade touch to those that are not. We can also decorate handbags.

With the same color of wool or because a different tone that we crochet the garment can combine and bring unique and unrepeatable variations. We can also cover those old-fashioned buttons or recycling and creating our own custom buttons.


They can be crochet with any yarn or string and any number of needle.

4 ch, 1 s.t. stung on 1° ch making a ring

inside the ring all the s.c. that can fit on it, spiral shaped.

When you get to the first stitch, continue crocheting wrapping previous stitches and rows as necessary, always inserting the needle through the center of the ring. Work until the needle will go no further in the ring.

Cut the thread at approximately 20 cm from the needle after with it sew the button to the garment or accessory chosen.