Leaf No. 6

How to do it:


*14 ch. Sting on 6° ch. and 1 d.tr. Next 2 ch: 1 d.tr. on each ch. Next 2 ch: 1 t.r. on each ch. Next 2 ch: 1 d.c. on each ch. Next ch: 1 h.d.c. Next 2 ch: 1 s.c on each ch.* Rep. from * to * 1 time. 1 s.t. stung on between both leaves.


9 ch. Sting on 2° ch. and 1 s.c. Next 7 ch: 1 s.c. stung on each ch. Close it with 1 s.t. Cut the loop and finish it.

-ch: chain Stitch
-rep: repeat
-s.t: Slip Stitch
-s.c: Simple Crochet
-h.d.c: Half Double Crochet
-d.c: Double Crochet
-t.r: Treble Crochet
-d.tr: Double Treble Crochet