Leaf No. 7

Beautiful decorative leaves made in crochet fabric or crochet. With them you can decorate everything: handbags, tablecloths, curtains, etc. Enjoy crocheting them they are already very very fun and easy to make.

How to do it:

Crochet 28 ch. Stung on 6° ch and crochet 1 t.r. On next 14 ch, stung on each one and crochet 1 t.r.

Then, stung on 1° ch and crochet 1 s.t. Crochet 7 ch. Crochet inside arc: 1 t.r, 4 ch, 1 d.t.r, 4 ch, 1 t.t.r, 4 ch, 1 d.t.r, 4 ch, 1 t.r. and 7 ch. Crochet 1 s.t. stung on next t.r. (stalk)

Crochet 1 t.r. stung on each ch. and stitches (1° replaced by 4 ch). Crochet crab stitch stung on all t.r.

-ch: chain Stitch
-rep: repeat
-s.t: Slip Stitch
-t.r: Treble Crochet
-d.tr: Double Treble Crochet
-t.t.r: Triple treble crochet