How To Weave From Leather In Crocheting

In this article I explain that when we weave from leather, fabrics etc. we must take into account the thickness of these.
If it is a thin material such as cotton, linen, synthetic leather, etc. we can directly click the crocheting needle in the fabric.

If the material is thick as leather, jeans, etc. we have to use a stylus to puncture and form the hole where the needle will enter.


Always use "small" needle such as Steel crochet needles No. 0 or No. 1 according to the material used.

Explanation of how to puncture the sinthetic leather:

insert the needle into the sinthetic leather or fabric, sting and weave in Simple Crochet, around the edge.

Explanation of how to join them:

Facing the right sides.

Proceed to join the ends on Simple Crochet. In this way we have the pieces.

Before you start weaving in leather, puncturing with an awl to make holes where then we introduce the crochet hook.

Thus we can now start crocheting.

Video tutorial prick leather crochet

Video tutorial join pieces of leather crochet

Video tutorial prick and weaving leather crochet