Making Measurements in crochet

How to take accurate measurements to our garment in crochet tissue becomes perfect?

Silhouettes indicate the measures to be taken. The outlines in general must be something baggy, as the tissues are being weaker than in apparel fabrics. Now we begin to take the necessary measures and then start weaving and make sure our garment stay with the correct size.

A- Overall length:

Measure from the top of the shoulder to the waist or to the desired length, including the busts in the event it is for women.

- Overall width:

Measure outlining the back and the front but not over tighten, including busts in the event it is for women.

C- Waist:

Outlining the entire waist measure but not over tighten.

D- Hip:

Measure outlining the most prominent part of the hip but not over tighten.

E- Length sleeves:

Measure from the tip of the shoulder to the wrist, taking care that the arm is well stretched.

F- Width sleeves:

Outlining measure the widest part of the upper arm and adding 2 cm more for better mobility.

G- Width fist:

Measure outlining all the fist but not overtighten.

H- Neck:

Measure outlining all the neck but not overtighten.

I- Skirt Length:

Measure from the waist to the desired length. After obtaining the measures we know our size, that's consult the dimension tables.