Crochet Picot No. 17

It is crocheted in a single color but can be crocheted with two or more colors.

It’s made with: chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet closed together, treble crochet and picot stitch. It is used in borders or terminations for baby clothes and baby accessories in general.


Work a chain base of even stitches

1° r: Skip 1 ch and 1 s.c. stung on each ch.

2° r: 1 ch *1 s.c. stung on next s.c. from previous r. 5 ch, skip 2 ch, 1 s.c. stung on next ch* Rep from * to * across all the r.

3° r: 4 ch and work on each arc of 5 ch: 2 d.c. closed together, 1 picot stitch, 2 d.c. closed together, 1 ch. Close the r. with 1 t.r. stung on last s.c. from previous r.

Rep: Repeat
r.: row
ch.: chain stitch
s.c.: simple crochet
d.c: double crochet
t.r.: treble crochet