How To Place an elastic in crochet

To place an elastic in a round crocheted crochet work, for example: beret, hats, skirts waist edges, etc., should be cut elastic to length and then gather the ends and tie.
For example, if it is crocheted with half double corchet, start the row with 2 chains and then place the knot in front of these two chains and begin to weave wrapping elastic, then pass the knot behind the needle and work the second half double crochet, being that knot between the first two points.

From now on, work normally always wrapping elastic.

When finished crocheting, hide the excess elastic reverse side of the garment or accessory. This technique can be performed either weaving basis points.

To place an elastic in a straight crocheted crochet work, for example: some lace edges must be cut to length Elastic tying each end to make the stitch cannot escape, or slipping. work as any circular tissue. It can also be work with any of the basics.