Crochet bag with recycled materials

17 plastic bags 450 x 600 mm, remains of cashmilon with lurex, aluminum crochet needle No. 3 ½

Chain Stitch, Slip Stitch, Simple Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet



Recycle plastic bags How To Cutting Plastic Bags and 52 ch. work with s.c. At 255 mm high, cut the thread and finish. work other side in the same way.


12 ch. and work with s.c. At 320 mm high, decrease 1 stitch on each side every 10 r. until you get 4 s.c. and 260 mm high from the decrease. Then, cut the thread and finish. Turn the work and decrease in the same way in the other side.


55 ch and work with s.c. at 30 mm high, cut the thread and finish. work around slap 1 r. with s.c. using cashmilon with lurex.


Work 2 flowers following graph


Join the basis with front and back. work with cashmilon with lurex 4 r. on the top of front and back using simple crochet. Take 48 stitches in the top of back side for work the cover. Decrease 1 stitch on each side every 10 r. At 180 mm high, cut the tread and finish. Sew the strip to the sides of the bag. Place the zipper. Sew the flowers on the cover of backpack, as shown in the picture. If desired, it can cover the inside.