Secret of Crochet No. 11

For left-handed crocheters it is advisable to use a mirror on the left side of the graphics to be able to interpret them.

You can also recourse to image editing programs that allow to turn them and to obtain the mirror effect. Those are easily manageable programs.

Because of being left-handed can take you more time to learn and practice, but you should not think that because of being left-handed, you can not be a crocheter. You can be a good crocheter with time and practice, even if you are left-handed.

Secret No. 11 of crochet
Secret No. 11 of crochet

Left-handed crocheters experiences:

* Interpret graphics printing them on acetates and then turn them so they will be invested to understand them more easily.

* With an image manipulation program flip the chart horizontally and print and solved problem, as it will be read backwards.

* The way to teach crocheting is putting lefties in front of you and they must imitate you. There are people who teach this way and learned well.