Secret of Crochet No. 15

Many times we find designs or patterns made with two or more different colors. This technique is for advanced crocheters on crochet tissue that can dominate more complex weaving projects with more than one color.

For beginners who want to learn this technique, you should start with simple jobs as a striped scarf using two colors and some of the basic stitches, later gradually will incorporate more colors and more complex points. To work in crochet with two or more colors at once, make a ball of each color, pass the thread color being crocheted on the left hand and right hand, with the next color. The threads should cross at all rows of the backwards and forwards, so no holes are formed by weaving.


* You must wait until the end of the line to change the color and weave rather than the first color, make a loop with the second color to the point that tile be complete and perfect. That is, leave at the end of the row the first color in abeyance and continue weaving with the second color.

* If rows pairs of each color is crocheted, will be no trouble following the design pattern, returning to the previous color. You should take the thread and resume the tissue long as there are not many rows between colors. If there are many rows, it may be best to cut the thread and start to crochet the new color.

* If you crochet odd rows, must end the row weaving a chain point, stretching the chain and pass the ball by that chain, that color setting and leaving in suspense. Not turn and return to the previous color that was at the beginning of the line.

Now you can weave follow any pattern, changing colors to taste. You can change color, if desired, even if no pattern design suggests.

Secret No. 15 of crochet