Secret of Crochet No. 30

The purpose of this tip is to find a technique to hold the thread or yarn when working in crochet.

It must be done gently by hand opposite of the needle for there to be a constant tension with the yarn. There is no right way to do this, you must find the method that you go more comfortable, but there are some standard techniques that you can prove.

One of them is placed the loop of yarn around the little finger with the palm upward, ie, the yarn is caught in the middle of his little finger and ring finger, from back and forth. Then heat the yarn between the middle finger and forefinger, the thread must come over your forefinger.

Secret No. 30 of crochet

Another technique is: try to weave the thread or yarn between your fingers, with the palm up. The yarn should be above his little finger between the pinky and ring fingers, then bring the thread behind your ring finger, then between the largest and forefinger.

Secret No. 30a of crochet

Another technique involves wrapping the yarn just above his forefinger twice, with the palm up placing the thread between the largest and forefinger and the loop of yarn on your index finger.

Secret No. 30b of crochet

You must experiment to find the technique that are more comfortable for you. This can truly take a while, so be patient!