Secret of Crochet No. 31

How to change the size of a garment crocheted crochet?

As a general rule waist increases are increasing 20 mm. For example, if the design brief is asked, for a size 40, which we weave 131 chains along and wants to work the garment for a size 42, place 131 chains + 20 mm chain to achieve a larger size and if you want to work the garment size 38 should be placed less than 20 mm chain.

As you can see the extent to weave design is simple math.


* If you are a woman with large breasts but an average torso, only you need to increase the size of your crochet garment bust width without doing the rest.

* If you have a long torso, simply weaves additional rows to your pledge to achieve the desired length in your tissue.

* If your arms are bigger and longer just have to work the sleeves 20 mm high and wide.

Now knowing this tip we can weave any design but following the instructions given to modify cm according to the desired measurements to our size is perfect.

Secret No. 31 of crochet