Secret of Crochet No. 32

For our wools and yarns are customized I leave this tip, trick or secret:

Add a strand of thread or a strand of wool or industrial thread.

This effect is also used to crochet garments have good support when crocheted materials such as angora, alpaca and mohair wool are soft and slippery too.

We can also incorporate any chosen yarn to crochet, a thread of another color and / or other material and thus mixing different materials and get a special result. To this we must take into account:

* Aggregate strands are crocheted with the thread base like one.

* All threads must rewinding several times so that no color or texture stand out and left the new uniform ball.

Give our touch, customize, combine and create our yarns will make a garment, besides being handcrafted, is unrepeatable and original.

Now get to work!

An example of a custom spinning oneself, the ball it was formed by a strand of yarn red rustic cotton, a strand of wool chenille pale pink, a strand of boucle butter color and a strand is shown in the picture Industrial thread green. All thin thickness.

Secret No. 32 of crochet