Secret of Crochet No. 33

The traditional way to harden the crochet work is starch. Works as hats, capes, rugs and folders remain beautiful.


Boil 1 L of water.

Meanwhile Dissolve 2 level tablespoons of starch in a glass of cold water.

When the water boils, add the dissolved starch in cold water.

Stir with a wooden spoon until mixture is transparent.

Turn off heat and continue stirring to avoid lumps.

Cool, now stir occasionally so that the cream is not formed.

Immerse the crochet to be hardening, letting it soak and then squeeze the excess mix.

Stretching with your fingers the work, forming exact design has been projected.

It is also used to stretch or molded the tissue a foam base and stainless pins. Once moistened, place the work on this basis and hold the pins giving the desired shape.

Let dry and ready!

* The starch is obtained especially in shops selling spices, herbs and medicinal plants. It is requested as corn starch.

Other ways to harden the tissues are:

With gelatin. It is prepared as directed on the package and the tissue is introduced into it.

With white glue thinned with water.

With sugar: It is very simple, the ratio is two parts sugar to one part water, dissolve sugar in warm water until the mixture is clear crystal and then dip the garment into the desired shape. We have to wait two or three days for final drying.

Secret No. 33 of crochet