Secret of Crochet No. 34

If you want to do a project in crocheted crochet (hook) but do not know how much yarn need, here are some tips to know how much material estimate of yarn or wool you should buy according to your project.

Check the desired weave pattern. This should indicate the grams or necessary meters of material for crocheting the garment or accessory. But if you want to use a different type of yarn that indicated, this will change the number of grams or meters. For example, if the employer requires a thick fantasy wool boucle work type and you think the project with a simple wool as cashmilon (which is thinner), more wool is required.

If you have no reference to the amount of material needed to work a project, here are some examples:

Scarf 200 mm x 1500 mm: 150 grams (thin wool)

Longer and wider scarf 250 grams (semi coarse wool)

Woman sweater regular rise: from 600 to 700 grams (thin wool)

Bedspread 1 space: 2500 grams (thin yarn or wool)

Bedspread 2 places: 4500 grams (semi coarse yarns or wool)

Baby Blanket: 400 grams (wool baby cashmilon)

Hats caps or other projects of similar size: 100 grams (used double yarns or thin wool or semi coarse wool/yarns)

Another way to calculate the material (yarn or thread) is to make a sample using the crochet hook and wool or yarn to be used in the final draft. Once the sample was do it, unravel and weigh few grams was used in the sample. If, for example, you used 5 grams in 100 mm long x 100 mm wide and you want your scarf is 200 mm and 1500 mm wide but long, then you will need to complete 150 grams. This example also be used in any other project.

Formula to be applied:

Total weight in grams = (sample weight in grams / mm. X mm.) X mm x mm. of the project

But after all is the experience that best indicates how much material is needed to weave a crochet work.

Secret No. 34 of crochet