Secret of Crochet No. 35

When we weave crochet with two or more colors we must be careful that the loops of the side not be visible on the right.

This is a very common fault in beginner weavers but of course it has a solution. It is very important for our work remain perfect as if it had made a professional crochet.

How do I do this?

First choose the right stitch. There are points that have the right and upside down. Others are reversible and will choose one of them. Then when we come to the second color at the start of the row assuming that the right side is the one that we are watching, cross both strands back and continue weaving the fabric as indicated by the graph or chart.

At the end of row turn the tissue and now in wrong side, put strands forward of tissue and weaving proceeded.

Secret No. 35 of crochet