Secret of Crochet No. 36

How to make homemade pompoms to decorate our work in crochet?

Too easy! We just need scraps of yarn or thread, cardboard, compass and scissors.

Step 1:

Drawing with the compass on cardboard the desired circumference.

Step 2:

Bookmark with compass on cardboard another smaller circle. Make two equal parts.

Step 3:

Now we put both sides together and started rolling from the smallest to the largest circumference to cover the entire surface of the board.

Step 4:

With scissors we cut the yarn between the two sides of cardboards.

Step 5:

Now we move a strand of yarn and knotted it well and finally remove the cardboard.

And ready!

Secret No. 36 of crochet

For more guidance watch the video tutorial explaining step by step.

Video tutorial Secret No. 36

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