Square Mesh Stitch In Tubular Crochet

In the graphic and photo are displayed how to make the union of Square Mesh Stitch, closing the row with a Slip stitch stung in the 3° chain stitch of the row (from the bottom) so that in this way remains in tubular form.

This technique is widely used for weaving and cover round bottles or containers. It also serves to weave bags for souvenirs, communion or scented sachets for closet, wardrobes, furniture, etc.

You begin to work as follows:

1° r: 3 ch (to replace 1° d.c) *1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 d.c* rep from * to * across all the r. Close round the r. with 1 s.t. stung on 3° ch counting form the bottom.

2° r: rep 1° r. crocheting d.c. stung on each d.c. from previous r.

-ch.: Chain Stitch
-rep: Repeat
-r: Row
-d.c: Double Crochet
-s.t.: Slip Stitch