Symbols of Crochet

To help beginners, I show the main technical detail drawings for proper interpretation.

It is extremely important to become familiar with them and be able to read any instruction.

Knot the loop

Chain Stitch
Cut the loop Slip Stitch
Simple Crochet
Half Double Crochet

Double Crochet
Treble Crochet

Double Treble Crochet
Popcorn Stitch
Picot Stitch Double Crochet closed together
Double Treble Crochet on relief Crossed Double Crochet

Picot Stitch: 3 o 4 ch, 1 d.c on 1° ch.

Popcorn Stitch: 3 incomplete d.c on same ch. an close them together.

Double Treble Crochet on relief: 1 stung the hook from behind of d. tr. Of previous row.

Crossed Double Crochet: Jump 1 ch, 1 d.c and 1 d.c on 1 ch previously jumped.

Interpreting of the *:

Rep from * to *: Means you have to repeat a certain number of stitches that come together to form the pattern, called: basic drawing. Repeat X number of times.

Rep. from ** to **: It indicates an additional repeat within a basic drawing.

Rep. from ** to *: It indicates that you should repeat the sequence of stitches reading the outline backwards.