Crochet as terapy

The Crochet is recognized as an art where many techniques and styles of weaving with a needle or hook combine.

But besides being able to achieve beautiful creations, many of which are pure artistic style and others are original confections as clothing, home accessories, toys and so much more, crochet is considered a therapy that helps against stress and depression, improve concentration, increase the patience with which we take things and clear your mind in a beautiful hobby.

In many medical institutions courses of crocheting are given, including crochet as occupational therapy, since in these arts, hands and mind are linked and coordinated causing the person to learn to have better control over their daily lives, to adapt or readapt some lost functionality, to stimulate awareness and knowingness and many other functions that can be addressed from occupational therapy.

Remember, you have several alternative to the expensive drugs to ease anxiety of everyday life and one of them is the crochet.

That is why on this site dedicated to this art do not want forget to mention this important contribution to human culture that gives us the world of crochet and which Fashion Crochet wants to contribute their grain of sand with all content offered on our pages for free to anyone who wants to learn. Course Crochet

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